Yorkville IL Real Estate Agent | 7 Features That Make A Home Great For Entertaining

Most of us can feel it when we’re in one, yet can find it difficult to identify the specific elements that make a home great for entertaining. What gives a space its warm, inviting ambiance? Is it the lighting? The size of the space? The availability and arrangement of seating?yorkville il entertaining spaces yorkville il real estate agent

Whether tackling a dining room, kitchen, living room or outdoor space, here is what we discovered about creating a space that begs to be filled with guests.

  1. Easy Traffic Flow
    Traffic flow refers to the way people move throughout the house. Good traffic flow means that there are logical pathways through a floor plan that do not cut across work areas, through furniture clusters, or through personal spaces. People move easily from the front door to the main gathering area without having to detour down narrow hallways or through other rooms. Once guests are in a room, they can navigate in the space easily without bumping into furniture. At least three (preferably four to five) feet is required for traffic flow through rooms, and two to five feet is needed between chairs and sofas in seating groups.
  2. An inviting entry way
    The entryway is the first impression your guests have of your home, so make it inviting and functional.

    No need to be over-the-top. Keep it simple with a lovely bench or a pair of seats, and have a coat rack readily available for guests so they can comfortably compose themselves and move on to the celebrations. If additional seating isn’t practical (especially in tight spaces), tidy up the nearest closet for easy in-and-out access.

  3. Scale Matters More Than Size
    It’s a misconception that having an entertaining-ready home means it needs to be large. In fact, designers advise that it’s the scale that matters more than the size. Think about cartoon dining rooms where two people are sitting, usually uncomfortably, on opposite ends of an epically long table. This is not the environment most of us want to create when hosting guests at home.
  4. Both Sociability and Intimacy
    Even large parties generally break down into fairly intimate conversation clusters. Entertaining spaces should include open areas and furniture to accommodate a group of people, as well as well-placed, comfortable chairs for one-on-one conversation. The powder room should be discreetly tucked away from the primary traffic flow for greater privacy.
  5. Versatile dining areas
    What is a holiday celebration without a versatile dining area? Maximize your dining space for year-round entertaining versatility by introducing neutral and comfortable furnishings, extendable tables, and interchangeable decor.

    Neutral furnishings work well with all types of decorations, while extendable tables accommodate parties of all sizes. Make sure to keep it comfortable — hours around the table will roll by.

  6. Easy Maintenance
    The best entertaining spaces are virtually worry-free. Instead of wall-to-wall carpeting that could be stained by a spilled glass of wine, consider hardwood floors. Instead of adding a built-in serving area with a wood top, consider going with a more durable solid surface. If you love high ceilings, install light fixtures that easily lower whenever you need to clean or change a bulb. You’ll entertain more if you know that pre- and post-party clean-up is a snap.

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