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Get a Good Realtor

Well, the first tip might seem obvious, and perhaps promotional in nature coming from a Sandwich IL real estate agent, but the truth of the matter is that you need a good Realtor. Finding a real estate agent that has knowledge and experience working with new construction is imperative. The builder will most likely have a real estate agent that they work with. Thus, you will need to have a good agent to represent your best interest. If you live in or around Sandwich IL consider real estate agent Lauralee McElroy.

Documentation and New Construction

Before putting your signature on any document make sure all negotiations have been agreed upon and put in a contract. Details like the deadline upon which the home will be completed and terms related to delays need to be recorded. Remember that any verbal commitments are not binding. Serving people with their new construction real estate needs in Sandwich IL as a real estate agent has provided Lauralee with many years of experience to help new home buyers. Details like these are paramount and can be costly if not given appropriate attention.

Think about Layout

One of the benefits of buying new construction is that you have the ability to make your home the way you like it. Keep in mind that life changes over time. So, for example, if you think your family might be growing, consider adding an extra bedroom, as opposed to spending that money on new kitchen countertops. Also, know your floor plan well. You will be given measurements on paper, but it is best to view them in person. Visit another home with the same floor plan or use a measuring tape to plot out the measurements yourself. The bottom line is having a solid idea of what you are going to get. For other ideas related to buying new construction, contact professional Sandwich IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy. Your dream home is her priority.

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