Walls are vanishing from newer homes and the open-plan layouts are showing off multi-purpose areas, such as kitchens and dining rooms and living rooms that seamlessly flow into one another.But how do you decorate one large space – to make it comfortable and beautiful for eating, entertaining, relaxing and more?“The key is continuity,” says Kim Kiner, Vice President of Textile & Material Design and The Alustra® Collection for Hunter Douglas.Here are some ways:ColorTo keep an open-plan interior open, the No. 1 element for achieving continuity is wall color, says New York designer Glenn Lawson says.Whether “warm” or “cool,” you can use the same one throughout or paint such architectural elements as pilasters, soffits and chair rails variations of the main color, from light to dark, Lawson says.Large furnishings such as sofas and area rugs are most successful when they are, color-wise, “cousins” of the walls, three shades of blue, for example, Lawson adds. “This way the eye keeps travelling throughout the space and is not interrupted by large disparate areas,” Lawson says.

Source: Designing for an Open-Floor Plan

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