Yorkville IL Realtor Helps Organize Your Home

home safety with yorkville il real estate agentThere are many benefits to spending some time organizing your home. For starters, it will give you more peace of mind. It can also improve the day to day function of your life. Less time searching for your car keys means less stress. Take advantage of some organizational ideas from professional Yorkville IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy.

Storage Areas

Let’s start with the area that people typically store their possessions: the garage and attic. If these areas are cluttered they can also be dangerous. Lifting accidents or falls are common occurrences when trying to retrieve something. One suggestion as a real estate agent in Yorkville IL is to use clear bins for storage. This way you can clearly identify what is stored where. If you are storing hard copy information, consider using a filing cabinet. It is also a good idea to store things according to season. This way when fall arrives, you know you only have to retrieve the fall bin. Coloring them can be a fun way to help you remember what items are in which bin.

Master Bathroom

Now let’s address perhaps one of the messiest rooms: the bathroom. One idea to start with is to use a shower caddy. This helps to prevent miscellaneous toiletry items all over the place. You can also prioritize your bathroom items. If you rarely use an item, place it at the back of a cabinet. This will help things stay in place. One observation as a Yorkville IL Realtor is that the bathroom is popular among buyers. The better organized you have it the more space it will appear to have. One last idea for this room is to hang your bottles on a wire inside cabinets. This can utilize the space above the actual shelves.


The last room we’ll cover here is the kitchen. As a Yorkville IL real estate agent serving buyers, it is clear that this room tops the list when it comes to impressions. Space is an important factor to anyone buying a home. Make sure the cabinets are organized. Place the things you use most in front. Those serving dishes that only come out at Thanksgiving can be relegated to the back. If you are preparing to move, these less used items can be packed away altogether. Another idea for the kitchen is to attach storage containers to your fridge using magnets. This is a great way to minimize the small items that can take up a junk drawer. For more help preparing your home for the market contact professional Yorkville IL REALTOR Lauralee McElroy today!