Tips for Moving from Yorkville Real Estate Agent

help with moving from yorkville real estate agent

When the time comes to transition to your new home, the great task of moving begins. This process can either be frustrating and costly or fun and efficient. With a solid plan and an inside look at the dynamics of moving, you can be on your way to your new home with ease. Take advantage of some of the following helpful tips when it comes to your next move.

Do Your Homework

Unless you are using your own vehicle to transport all your belongings, you’ll need to hire a mover. It is a good idea to research a few companies to find out which is the best. Be sure to check reviews from an impartial source. Your real estate agent might have a recommendation as well. You can get an estimate of the cost from most moving companies. Be sure to include as much information as possible to get the most accurate estimate. Ask about additional fees, the cost for the time the movers spend waiting, and how the weather may affect your move. Keep in mind that sometimes you pay for a greater quality of work. It is best to get the insurance as well. Ask how much is covered for each package they offer.

Have a Good Plan

Another vital component of moving is having a practical plan in place. It is critical that you are packed up in time for the movers, otherwise, you might end up paying more. Plan out how much time it will take to pack up each room and schedule out times to do the work. Give some extra time as a buffer to account for unexpected events.

To get ready, first determine what can be thrown out in each room of your house. Next, take out everything that can be given away, either to friends or a local charity. Get some quality boxes, packaging material, and tape and get to work securing your possessions. Leave the cleaning until everything is packed up. Gather your family and friends together for a moving party to extra help.

Be sure to avoid these packings pitfalls:

  • Not using package material
  • Cheap tape (you don’t want your boxes opening during travel)
  • Inadequate protective gear (gloves, glasses)
  • Not labeling the boxes
  • Packing items that you can get rid of

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Safety First

One last thought on moving has to do with safety. Sometimes the pressure of getting out of your place and into your new home results in costly mistakes. Rushing often can cost us more time if we get hurt in the process. Keep things safe by knowing your limits when it comes to lifting. Use a back brace, if needed. Let the movers do their job as well. Wear clothing that is durable and unlikely to get caught on things. Make sure you have protective equipment for your hands and eyes. By having a good plan, proper help, and means of safety your moving day can be one to remember. For help finding your next home contact Yorkville real estate agent Lauralee McElroy.