WHAT YOUR RENT REDUCTION REASONS ARE?The monthly rent expenses put a huge burden on the budget of modern tenants, especially young people, who’re still figuring out their careers and struggling to provide for their own living, and young families with little children. The nicer the accommodation is, the more money you’ll have to pay the landlord to stay in it. Seems logic, right? But we’re not talking about luxuriously nice houses or downtown apartments with a great view on the Central Park. Just a clean, warm, well-maintained place in a safe neighborhood and the dry cleaners just around the corenr, with a working water heater, non-leaking sinks, washer and drier available, semi-new carpet without any stains, parking place (for an apartment) and bug-free basement seems to be the pleasure one has to work multiple jobs to afford.On a brighter side of an issue, the tenants, who’ve lived in their rental premises for a while, have a great possibility to talk to their landlords in order to negotiate their rent and save some money in their wallets. With a slight, but still significant fall in the rental rates that happened recently, those who’ve been renting a house/apartment for some time and noticed the decrease in the average renting rates for the similar premises in their local areas may definitely attempt negotiating for a lower rent.Obviously, they need to have a good reasoning behind their rent reduction demands to be able to put them in. And, those requests have to be quite reasonable and well-grounded. At the same time, if you have a well-supported opinion that you’re paying for your rent a little bit too much than you should for the place the landlord provides to you, you need to go ahead and defend your rights.Not only the fall in the average renting prices, but also the issues you might experience in your current place (like poor sound isolation, faulty appliances, problems with bug infestation, plumbing or electricity breakdowns, the non-availability of a parking space or the need of a maintenance remodel) may convince your landlord to review the tenancy agreement and lower the price for you.After all, if you approach rent negotiation with a great knowledge of an issue and prove your grounds, you’ll be able to cut the price and save a few hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. Here’re a couple of tips on how to prepare for the rent negotiation and ‘win the case’.

Source: Negotiating rent: most essential rent reduction tips to save money on rent

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