Tips on Preparing to Sell by Plano IL Real Estate Agent


There’s no doubt that selling your house is both an exciting and daunting endeavor. However, with qualified support, knowledge, and fortitude you can work through this process with confidence that you’ll get your house sold for the right price. Take into consideration the following aspects of selling your home from professional Plano IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy. Let her experience and dedication to genuine service benefit you as you approach this life transition.

Transition Your Thinking

No doubt you have many memories in your house. When you look at the kitchen, you  might think of all the meals you have prepared for your family, for example. Now that you are going to sell your house, it’s time to transition your thinking from home to “product.” Recognize that you will be handing the keys over to someone else, and moving on to life’s next adventure. You will be packing everything up at some point. It might be a good idea to pack up pictures and other personal items to start to disassociate yourself from the house.  As a real estate agent in Plano IL, Lauralee has much experience helping people with the emotional aspect of selling a home. It can also be helpful to think through what it will be like for someone else to live in your home.

Declutter and Simplify

While performing as a real estate agent in Plano IL, it has been revealed that buyers want space. Make it easy for them. Pack up any items in your home that are not functional. You will be moving anyway, so you might as well get started. Whatever can be removed from cupboards, cabinets, and the like should go. Take every item that is not regularly used on countertops away. This will help the buyers see the space that it actually there.

First Impressions

Potential buyers will be greatly affected by what they see when they first arrive at your house. Spend some time thinking through improvements and repairs that need to be made to the exterior. Sitting down with home sellers and thinking through these types of important details is mainstay for Plano IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy. Landscaping improvements, outside decor, areas needing fresh paint, and whether or not to repair the roof are a few things to be considered. Take some time to think through what your house will need and contact Lauralee McElroy, Plano IL real estate agent, for more information.


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