Plano IL Real Estate Agent Shares Popular Tile Trends

plano il realtor on tile trends

Whether you are getting your house ready for the market or simply due for a change, replacing that old tile is a great idea. Tile has come a long way over the years, making the options to choose from numerous and about as creative as you can get. Many people choose to give the bathroom an overhaul before selling as it is a significant room for consideration, but tile is great for many other applications as well. Enjoy some of these hot 2017 tile trends from experienced Plano IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy.

Is That Brick?

One type of tile that has maintained its popularity over the last year or so is masonry, like brick or cement. There are various sizes of brick, and shapes as well, to choose from. Designs can be very interesting, from brick that looks like a historical district to concrete and metal composite. It is not only the bathroom that gets the new looks, however. Serving as a real estate agent in Plano IL has revealed masonry tile options that can adorn your backsplashes, fireplace, and outdoor walls.

Hard as a Rock

Marble seems to always be popular for tiled areas. This year, white marble is expected to be number one, with many other colors to follow. The competition? Black, brown, and gray to name a few. Monochromatic stone is another up and coming popular choice. One graphic that is included with this monochromatic stone as a favorite is likely to be bluestone. Expect an array of shapes and sizes this year for stone. For help in preparing your home to sell, contact Plano IL Realtor Lauralee McElroy today!

Comfortable Wood

Probably the most sought after type of flooring in 2017 is that ever-popular wood look. It not only looks great but is also a durable option. One of the appeals of wood is that it seems to go with everything. Millennials love it for the modern, sleek appeal. One observation as a Plano IL real estate agent observing color coordination in a given room is that wood does a great job of bringing everything together. As far as shapes go, short and narrow wood planks are in. It’s almost as if the look of wood in the size of brick is what clicks for many contemporary buyers. At the same time, mosaics and unusual shapes ae coming on the scene as well. A combination of modern and traditional wood styles provide a happy medium for many. This means adding in some rugged wood elements as well. This can be anything from scratch marks to cracked edges. Working as a Plano IL Realtor has provided many opportunities to help sellers in every capacity. Understanding trends like these is helpful.

Heavy Metal

One last tile is worth mentioning for trends in 2017: metal. The stainless steel look has been popular for the last couple years. Pewter is gaining in favoritism and several varieties of finishes make metal an appealing option. For more information about everything real estate, contact professional Plano IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy today!