Real Estate Agent in Yorkville IL Shares on Spending Money to Sell

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One of the dominant thoughts homeowners have in mind when they consider putting their house on the market is the price. So why invest money into your house? Why not just list it and see what happens? There is some wisdom here. You can spend a lotĀ of money on improvements that might be to your taste, but are not what the buyer likes. To get the most out of your house, consider these improvements from Yorkville IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy.

Where to Invest

When considering whether or not to put money into your house before selling, consult your real estate agent. They will be able to give you market trends specific to your area to help with this decision. Many real estate agents in Yorkville IL maintain demographic and sales statistics that will apply to your situation. If you are selling and live in or around Chicagoland, consider Yorkville IL Realtor Lauralee McElroy for these services. In many areas, the reality is that investing in that new kitchen or siding doesn’t mean an immediate return when it comes to the actual sale of the house. It is often a better strategy to let the buyer make the improvements to meet their preferences and save your money to invest in your dream house. Yet, if investing in your house is the smarter move, consider putting that money into the functional aspects of the house. There are varying opinions on the best choice to make among real estate agents in Yorkville IL.

How Much to Invest

As a general standard, only spend as much as the value of the room of the house you are renovating. Thus, the first step is to find the value of your house. Then, multiply that by the percentage value of the room. For example, the kitchen makes up about ten to fifteen percent of the home’s total value. Don’t exceed this number when investing in its renovation. Here are the breakdowns per room:

  • Kitchen: 10%-15%
  • Master Bath: 10%
  • Attic or basement: 10%-15%
  • Bedrooms: 1%-3%
  • Deck or patio: 2$-5%

Again, these are general figures. Talk through your specific situation with your Realtor for the best route to take. Real estate agents in Yorkville IL will provide varied insights depending on the type of property. For all your Yorkville IL real estate needs, contact Lauralee McElroy today.