Understanding Inspection with Yorkville IL Real Estate Agent

yorkville il real estate agent and inspection

When looking for a home wise buyers will make sure to get an inspection. This will reveal the true condition of the home and affect negotiations as well. At times buyers think that the inspection will identify everything that is wrong with a house. This, however, just is not the case. Inspection is necessary and very beneficial, but it is not a perfect science. By understanding the purpose of inspection and the results it will yield buyers will be better prepared for maintaining their new home.

Purpose of Home Inspection

Every home buyer wants to make the best decision possible when purchasing a home. This means acquiring as much information as possible. This is where inspection comes in. The inspector’s job is to reveal the true condition of the home to ensure that it is a good investment and a safe place to live for the owner. It is not possible for inspectors to analyze every inch of a home, however. This means that you may find issues that went undetected by the inspector. Having this realistic expectation will help when it comes time for maintenance down the road.

What is Inspected?

There are a number of things that the home inspector will look at during the inspection. The structure of the house, water issues around the property, the condition of the roof, siding cracks, the efficiency of the windows & doors, interior walls, insulation, electrical outlets, plumbing, and electrical systems are a few to be examined. They will check for leaky faucets and pipes, heat or air conditioning escaping the home, and the sewage systems as well. Their goal is to inspect the major functions of the home to make sure it is safe.

Uninspected Areas

There are a few areas that are difficult for inspectors to navigate. Heating and cooling is one such area. The inspector will be able to identify if the system is working, but cannot determine if it will heat and cool the home efficiently. Some water leaks can go unnoticed as well. This is especially true if the home has been sitting for some time. Many inspectors won’t go on the roof, so if there are weak areas they might not see them. They also are limited when inspecting sewer lines. They can tell you the type and age of the sewer lines but won’t be able to look at its structural integrity.

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