Renovations to Hire Out from Montgomery IL Realtor

montgomery il realtor on diy projects

When selling your house, getting the best price is always a goal. To do this, it is imperative that you prepare it as best as possible. This includes de-cluttering, organizing, staging, and oftentimes renovating. So which renovations should you tackle on your own? No doubt if you do the work yourself you can the cost of hiring someone. However, if the job is not done well, you can actually end up paying more than if you hired someone. Here’s a few guidelines on when to hire someone to renovate your house to sell from Montgomery IL Realtor Lauralee McElroy.

Anything with the Structure

Some projects you obviously do not want to try yourself. Trying to raise a sinking foundation alone just isn’t a good idea. However, some structural adjustments might make sense on the surface. For example, knocking down a wall to open up your home might seems like a plausible project, especially if you have done some construction projects in the past. However, it is recommended that you leave this to the pros. Walls are not only there for preference. They have structural implications. You wouldn’t want to take out a wall hoping to provide value to your home for its new open floor plan, only to realize that the upstairs bathroom is falling down. As a real estate agent in Montgomery IL making good service provider recommendations is a great way of helping sellers.

Major Repairs

Repairs that are big jobs requiring skilled labor also fit the bill for hiring out. For example, putting a new roof on your house can take a significant amount of time and create many problems if not done correctly. A job like this requires a learning curve for most. This means more time and often many mistakes. Although it is nice to learn a new skill, its not typically worth it if your goal is to put your home on the market. For help selling your home contact Montgomery IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy.

Technical Issues

Some issues require professional knowledge and an understanding of the latest products and practices. Replacing leaky or corroded pipes is one example. A new septic tank can be another. Having an understanding of the safest replacement parts and building codes is important. Without this knowledge, you might end up spending more than you would be saving by doing it yourself. For help preparing your house to sell in Montgomery IL or its surrounding area, contact Montgomery IL Realtor Lauralee McElroy today!