Selling a Sandwich IL home isn’t easy.  You need a Sandwich IL real estate specialist like REALTOR Lauralee McElroy.

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Does your Sandwich IL home look dated?  This can hurt your chances of getting top dollar on your home sale.  Many homeowners that are selling are wary about doing any updates to the home their about to leave because they’re concerned about the cost of the updates.  However, you can be smart about your update choices and keep the costs relatively low.  Try to think like a homebuyer, pick a project that excites you, and get started today!

Low cost real estate updates that go a long way by Sandwich IL REALTOR Lauralee McElroy

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Paint the Front Door

Make a good first impression without breaking the bank.  Painting the whole exterior of the house can be a major project that might not fit your budget.  A great alternative is to paint the front door.  Buyers notice a dirty or aged looking door as they enter the home.  A fresh, coat of paint can let the buyers know that you pay attention to the details and that you take pride in your home.  Sandwich IL home buyers may not notice that the rest of the house has older paint.  Take this tip one step further and pressure wash the whole home to make sure that your Sandwich Il real estate looks it’s absolute best.

Swap Out Old Hardware

Doing an entire kitchen renovation is usually out of the question.  You might want to try a few inexpensive updates to renew your dated cabinets and counter tops.  Adding new kitchen knobs or handles can make the surrounding components look fresher to Sandwich IL home buyers.  Choose a style that is more timeless.  You’re not going to want a modern handle to a vintage-looking cabinet.  European bars can go either modern or traditional and fit most any kitchen style.  Have a little more room in the budget?  Splurge on a cabinet and countertop refinishing kit like the one offered by Rustoleum.

Create an Accent Wall

If you’ve already taken the step of painting the whole house a neutral color, great!  You’re ahead of the curve.  However, making the whole house neutral can create a lackluster feeling in potential buyers in Sandwich IL.  Try selecting a wall that isn’t too big and create an accent wall by painting it a bold color.  Then hang some inexpensive artwork to create a focal point for the buyers.  This can also help to make your Sandwich IL real estate stand out from the crowd.

Polish & Clean the Furniture

Look around your home and make sure there is no dust or residue that has built up over the years.  Polish all of your furniture and give it that like new shine.  Clean all of the couches, chairs, cabinets, tables, bookcases, built-ins, etc…  Buyers are necessarily buying your furniture in the real estate transaction, but showing your house at it’s best can go a long way in helping them envision themselves living there.