Steps to Sell Your House From Yorkville IL Real Estate Agent

yorkville il real estate agent on selling your house

Thinking about finally selling your house and moving to that next phase in life? You are at the beginning of a wonderful real estate adventure. There is much to do to get ready, but before starting the race, plan well. Here are some of the steps you will need to sell your house from Yorkville IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy.

Get an Agent and Assess the Market

The housing market has cycles over time. No doubt it is in a different shape than when you bought your house. You’ll first want to find out if the market is in your favor. For this, we highly recommend getting a qualified Realtor. If you are in the Chicagoland area, contact professional Yorkville real estate agent Lauralee McElroy for all your real estate needs.  You’ll want to inquire about how the agent will go about selling your house. What type of marketing will they do? What aspects of your house will be highlighted? Are there any changes that they would suggest making to your  house before putting it on the market?


It is wise to get your house inspected before putting it up for sale. The benefit of doing this is to find out what repairs need to be made to your home. This way you can get the needed repairs and even make some profit having done them. Remember, it is likely that the home buyer will have an inspector make a report of your house. If major repairs are revealed, you will have to tend to them at that time or possibly wrestle through some tough negotiations. The inspection should run you anywhere from two hundred to four hundred dollars on average. For inspection recommendations consult Yorkville IL Realtor Lauralee McElroy.

Shape Up and Stage

A couple other steps you will want to take regard preparing your house. After needed repairs are identified, make those repairs and get your house in shape. In effect, your house will become the product that you are selling. No doubt this isn’t easy given the many memories you may have in your home. As a Yorkville IL real estate agent, it is important to walk  through this part of the process with compassion and care. Here are a few typical areas that might need work:

  • Painting – exterior, trim, front door, interior. Use neutral colors.
  • Cleaned and landscaped yard
  • Roof damage
  • Electrical work
  • Heating and Cooling

One last tip, make sure that you have your home professionally staged. This will reveal the actual space in your house and help potential buyers envision thei live there. You want buyers to be able to navigate your house easily and have a pleasant experience. Furniture should be simple, neat, and clean. Only what is necessary should be present. For help with staging and all your real estate needs, contact Yorkville IL Realtor Lauralee today!