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Winter Rose Pruning Tips From Yorkville IL Real Estate Agent Lauralee McElroy

Spring is coming and it’s about time to get ready for it.  If you have roses, you know very well that pruning is eminent.  If you want healthier plants and more blooms this spring, follow these winter pruning tips.

When you should prune:

It’s best to prune roses during their dormancy after the last frost has occurred and before they begin new growth.

Here’s a list of tools that you’ll need:

  • A good set of rose pruners.  Make sure that they are sharp and well oiled.
  • Loppers.  These are used for larger diameter canes.
  • A pruning saw.  You’ll want this to handle canes that are too large for your loppers, or for old canes.
  • Sharp gardening scissors.  These will be used for detail work.
  • Heavy leather gloves.
  • Safety glasses or goggles.
  • A long-sleeved, heavy-duty, work shirt and thick durable work pants.
  • A bench so that you may sit while you work and some knee pads for the times you’ll need to get low.

Making the cut:

For best results you’ll want to:

  1. Cut a quarter inch above an outward facing bud eye.  A bud eye can be found right above the junction of a leaf and the cane.  You can also prune at a dormant eye.  A dormant eye occurs where a leaf used to be.
  2. Cut at a forty-five-degree angle with the direction of leaf growth and away from the bud eye.  This will encourage an open and outward-facing shrub.

Pro Tip:

If you cut healthy canes off, put plant the stem in the ground and tie it to a stake.  The stem may grow roots and produce another plant.


Approximately one month later you’ll want to place a ring of fertilizer around the base of each rose bush.  Choose a blend that includes:

  • Alfalfa pellets
  • slow-release fertilizer
  • chicken manure

Follow these tips and your roses will really shine this spring and will enhance the curb appeal of your Yorkville Il real estate.  Want more real estate tips delivered directly to your inbox?  Fill out the form at the bottom and get email updates from my Yorkville IL real estate agent blog.