Bathroom Do’s and Don’ts from Yorkville IL Real Estate Agent

bathroom tips from yorkville il real estate agent

Perhaps the two most popular rooms in a home for buyers are the kitchen and the bathroom. It makes sense as most of our time is spent in the kitchen and the bathroom is the place we tend to pamper ourselves. These rooms need to express comfort, peace, and functionality. When selling your home it is important to make these rooms the best that they can be. Here are a few things not to do in the bathroom outlined by Yorkville IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy.

Color Choices

For many years the trend was white for the bathroom. There are many reasons for this. White makes a room look larger. The bathroom is generally a smaller room and we all know that potential buyers value space. However, this trend is fading away. Why? The primary reason is that it is difficult to keep white clean over time. As a Yorkville real estate agent helping sellers, it is important to know the current trends to maximize home sales. Consider cooler colors for this room.


Since the bathroom generally has limited space, finding practical solutions for all the typical items can be challenging. For many years, having a medicine cabinet was the perfect solution. This trend has also been making its way out. What will replace it? Working as a real estate agent in Yorkville IL has shown that open shelving is on the rise. The reason for this has to do with the progress many products have made in their design. For example, soap can be displayed in a way that acts as decor for the bathroom. Creative means of storage that adds aesthetic value to the room is winning over the ole’ medicine cabinet.

Expensive Amenities

Home buyers love amenities that add value to the home and provide functionality that offers them comfort. However, they also understand resale value. In the case that a particular feature means a lot today, but has little promise for tomorrow – buyers know. Let’s say you choose to purchase an elaborate and expensive bath tub. It might wow some buyers, but others will question whether or not that will lack in resale value. There are a number of buyers that seek to live in one place for only five or ten years. Understanding home buyers as a Yorkville¬†real estate agent means helping sellers as well.

Minimal Counter Space

One last no-no for bathrooms is a small amount of counter space. This means that bathrooms with two sinks are on the decline. They used to be popular because they offered personal space for him and her. However, given the limited space this allows, they are no longer the trend. For more help preparing your home for sale, contact professional Yorkville IL real estate agent Lauralee McElroy today.